Going to university can be quite an anxious feat for many students across the world, for this is the first time that you will be leaving the confines of your home and taking steps into the real world. This is the first time that you, as a student, will have to make independent decisions; therefore, we’ve given you some pointers as to how you can manage yourself in this new phase of life.

1) Having solid finances

This is one of the most common and primary obstacles for many students who choose to study abroad. The cost of tuition and traveling in itself can cost you a fortune. You add the cost of living to this, and most of the time, this is the final nail in the coffin for most students wanting to study abroad.

Getting a sharing accommodation can ease the finances as you won’t have to bear the brunt of financial troubles alone, plus you can save a lot as you will be splitting the bills, whether it is for utilities, groceries, or food.


  • Create a strict budget and stick to it at all costs.
  • Refrain from splashing out via credit cards, for it almost ends in heartache.
  • Form big groups to buy important items such as stationery so that you can land great discounts.
2) Tenant rights you should know about

Before shifting into a new place, each student should be aware of his/her student rights so that other people do not take advantage of them. We have thus put here some of the rights that you should know before you get into any kind of an agreement, which is why we have created a list of services that your landlord has to provide you mandatorily.


  • Giving you a proper fire exit
  • A smoke alarm to be present in the flat/room or at least one very floor if you are living in a proper residency.
  • Having all your electrical and gas appliances checked by a verified gas safety Engineer.
  • Any major remodeling of the property has to be done by the landlord himself.
  • Any damage that was caused by you will be removed from the security deposit.
  • The landlord cannot evict you without any reason, and any harassment tactics are punishable by law.
3) Being safe from Rental Frauds

With the increased number of students immigrating for education-related needs, there has also been a constant surge in the scams that are taking place.

18,645 rental frauds have been reported in the UK from 2014-2018, and that should tell you the severity of the situation.

A few simple tips to save yourself:

  • Avoid giving money to any firm or person online unless you are absolutely certain about them.
  • Check all the safety certificates regarding the electrical appliances beforehand.
  • Have your tenant agreement checked by somebody with apt legal knowledge and keep an open source of communication ready.

 Advantages in living off-campus

Gaining some real-life experience

One of the best things that living off-campus does is that it gives you a small glimpse of what it can take to survive in the real world. Your loved ones won’t always be there to take care of all your problems for you, so this is a good time to learn essential life skills:

  •  Troubleshooting and taking care of all the repairs in the apartment.
  •  Creating a budget for yourself
  •  Developing your communication skills and making friendships with other people.

 A plethora of amenities to choose from

While University accommodation may make it easier for you to jump out of bed and get into class, you may not be able to avail of some of the many facilities that an off-campus accommodation will be willing to provide.

Right from Bike storage space, free WiFi, State of the art games rooms, and dedicated cinema halls, one thing is sure that you won’t be lacking any form of entertainment here.

Many students right now are fazed by the effects of this pandemic, but this too shall pass, and the UK has already taken active steps to open up again, which is great. We wish you the best of luck for all your future endeavours and please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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