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Admissions Consultancy

Leg Up was founded with the vision of synthesising the highest standard of education consultancy with a revolutionary new way of learning. While we firmly believe in the value and importance of academic excellence we also realise that in order to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic and turbulent world it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on traditional forms of teaching.

Mike is a very talented and inspiring tutor. His lessons are very well-organised with both theoretical framework and also practical applications. With his lively and passionate sharing of his own learning experience, students can follow his successful footsteps and become a better person.

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Detailed Evaluation 

We begin by providing a thorough review and evaluation of our student’s primary or secondary school transcript (e.g. SSAT, CEE, ISEE, GCSE results), extracurricular and personal activities, talents, as well as the courses they intend to take in future. We then ascertain their key strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and other salient features of their profile in order to create a bespoke plan of action. After this has been completed we then proceed to consult our student on how they can proactively maximise their time in secondary school so as to create as multifaceted a CV and stellar transcript as possible. Once the consultation is over we will perform an analysis of the student’s transcript in close detail in order to facilitate the following stage(s).

Bespoke School Selection

Based on our initial consultation and a thorough review of our student’s transcript we will identify from our school inventory the institutions most suited to our client’s needs. We will take into consideration cost, location, size, facilities, and extracurricular options in order to deduce which is most appropriate. We continually adapt our client’s list on an on-going basis until the applications are sent. The Leg Up database profiles every boarding school and University in the United Kingdom and North America to maximise our clients’ choices.

Application Essays 

Our experts in the boarding school admissions process inspect and comment on each essay in order to maximise our client’s chances of successful admission. We also work with our students in relation to developing ideas and brainstorming concepts so that they are equipped with the requisite skills necessary for future academic success. We ensure the personality of our student is evident in their work while enabling them to articulate their ideas to a high standard. Our dedicated Research House enables us to stay ahead of the curve and continually identify the traits and characteristics that schools wish to see in applicants. Our consultants are experienced and well versed in establishing proper style, format, grammar and punctuation as well as tone. Our dynamic process of continual editing and refinement ensures that essays are only submitted once they have reached full creative potential. 


Extracurricular Profile

We utilise our expertise in relation to liaising with corporate entities, industry leaders, and talented professionals in a variety of sectors to aid our applicants who have particular talents. Leg Up’s professional network from our Mentorship program will aid in cementing this. We work with professionals in the realm of music, sports, business, and art.

School Visits 

We liaise directly with boarding schools to arrange campus tours, interviews, and information sessions. We ensure our clients do not waste time and resources visiting schools not appropriate to their needs by consistently updating and consulting our dedicated school database. Visiting the schools in question is an essential part of the application process. Our consultants will also accompany the student to the boarding school or university in order to assist them and provide much needed support.

Letters of Recommendation

We ensure our clients make a strong impression on teachers by continually advising them and instilling strong interpersonal skills so that they can acquire stellar letters of recommendation that will positively influence admissions officers. We also acquire such letters and references from extracurricular sources to demonstrate a multifaceted profile on behalf of our client. 

Interview Preparation and Confidence Building

Confidence and the ability to perform under pressure is the foundation of a successful interview. This need is most pronounced in our English as a second language clients which is why we have perfected a system to ensure our clients maximise their chances of successful admission. A strong interview performance often makes the difference between rejection and admission. Therefore, we liaise with our dedicated team of experts in order to teach our clients practical confidence building techniques that enables them to focus on performing to a high standard. We also routinely conduct mock interviews in group and one on one scenarios as part of our consultation service. We ensure our students have a good understanding of what questions to expect and we brainstorm different strategies on how to effectively answer such questions. 

Interest Quotient

We ensure our students are routinely expressing interest to their chosen schools in order to maximise their chances of gaining admission. Schools use a modelling system to assess an applicant’s degree of interest in attending a particular institution. By tracking campus visits and correspondence schools are able to assess how eager an applicant is. We ensure our clients maximise their exposure in order to increase their likelihood of admission.

Elite Competition Entry

In keeping with our company ethos of promoting holistic education, we place a premium on creating a sophisticated and well-rounded application for our clients by ensuring they enter into competitions that will demonstrate their ambition and talent. We conduct regular research to identify relevant competitions and events in a variety of areas, such as creative writing and musical composition, that we then enter our clients into. Our dedicated team of experts provide guidance and advice throughout the competition process. 

Application Processing

As an all-inclusive service provider we assist in each stage of the application process. Our clients take comfort in knowing we are easily contactable to answer any queries or provide guidance on any aspect of the student’s application.


School Selection

After our client receives their offers we discuss which options are most ideal given their needs and assist in finalising the acceptance process. We often find that parents greatly appreciate this aspect of the process as deciding which school to commit their children to for many years is not a decision to be taken lightly.

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Leg Up was founded with the vision of synthesising the highest standard of education consultancy with a revolutionary new way of learning.